Epew Fiction · Coelho Nahuatl

When we were having our teas, late at night, carrying our bright kettles, we hardly could notice that a small creature was having a hard time. Coelho Tochtli was expirience the last sexual encounter of his existence. The last kiss, now not to those smart species, but against the shee-bold herself.
But lets revisit his life, before we let him die in his calm bed.
He was travelling his fourth voyage thoughout the universe, specifically waiting his time. He needed some action different from that at his disposal in his home planet. He wanted to taste the smell of different bodies, looked for varied skins and fur. So he took a space-ovum and rocketered himself out of gravity.
Tem uma beleza que as creaturas não merecem assistir, falou o coelho na frente da virgem da Kijh-daph Haush. E rapido pego o seu corpo e beijou o seu seio. Ele ficou congelado em um instante com ela.
Pero el conejo-tochtli-coelho tenía su gracia entre las piernas y fue ayuntándose con cuenta creatura se dignó a aparecer en el reino de su divino creator.
He exchanged the fluid and got entangled among the fur of the dawrfs of Kalia-manir. He kissed and melted with the flowers of Nagikah, vulvae of hallucinating aroma. Thousands of offsprings he spreaded by the universe. And found that reality was a picture of pleasure and variaty. Intercultural, exo-cultural and exo-philia were his ultimate goals. And he was determined to report all his encounters in a private book.
And guess...
We have lost his book, as his kinship understood that the alter-philia was banned by the first dwellers. And now that he is dead we have lost all the knowledge he gathered during his voyages.
We can only cried now.