As a little girl i always wanted to climb to the top of the tallest building i had ever seen -the ice cream parlour two streets from my school. one day i found some extra-sticky masking tape and invented some extra-sticky shoes. I tried it, but got stuck to the building without even reaching the first floor window.

When they rescued me and I had eaten a banana split to break down and evaluate my failure. After punishing myself severely for not having foreseen the errors in my not-so-cunning plan, I had another idea. I got hold of two of the biggest spiders I could find and tied them to my hands and feet. Once again I began to climb, with the help of my four companions, but I had not counted on my own immense strength. Seconds after we embarked on the mission, I found squashed spiders attached to my four limbs.

After getting over the guilt of having murdered, I drank a hot chocolate in the ice cream parlour, highly disappointed in myself and life in general. My mother had told me anything was possible.

Whilst playing with the toothpicks, I struck upon a new plan. I tied two sink plungers smuggled out from my mother and neighbour's cupboards to my hands, but left my feet free, and begin my climb. It seemed to be working, with my feet free I could push hard enough to pull the strong suction away from the wall. I dared not look down in case I was wrong, but no! Suddenly I found myself halfway up the building... three-quarters of the way... I could see the top! Pushing my suction padded hands into the wall for a final time, I swung my legs acrobatically over the top and heaved a sigh of exhaustion and elation.

Finally I had achieved my goal! I was so happy I could have flown (although I thought it best I did not. I was rather high up)... I spun round in a happy deliria and shouted for all the city to hear... However upon opening my eyes, I was stopped dead in my tracks. The world still spinning, I dizzily noticed that right behind me was a block of apartments, at least three times higher than Mr Tasty's ice cream parlour.

·o· I dizzily noticed that right behind me was a block of apartments ·o·