Mapu ngelai (<ª_ª>)

Mapu ngelai: Los ojos del mundo han muerto o no hay mundo.

Die Welt ist eine Auge contradictorio. And this contradiction lies in the world resembling an eye wide open. Can't bear being another experiment nailed to die (UM) Welt.

Once in an enterview, Elicura Chihuailaf said that the Word has been the greatest construction human has ever engaged in. That Westerners may have created giant bridges and spacecrafts, but none of modern inventions has ever surpassed the Word, as capable of connecting the self with the other.

But sometimes I feel like nailed to the world by means of these signs that I take delivery of since the moment I was given a name and a nationality and a history of word. But we could not make any choice, but to accept the sharp needle puncturing our brains to the tradition of symbols. And so, we become what we are.