Writing, a linear process, so were we told.
At least you had to start somewhere and end in some other place.
Notwithstanding those efforts to distroy linear writing.
But is it so linear as it is claimed?
Let's ask our hangman:

This is the poetic process of a non-linear poetree. As we can see in the drawing poetree is a circular ⊂⊃ process. Images are only representative.
||=========o······--> Poe-tree empowerement
||·······(+_+)····--> Poeticus Rigor Mortis
||····· ··__······
||······ ‌\/‌···
||·······º| |ºª·····
||········l'l·····--> Seminae creatiborum
::·······': _:.:· --> Poetic Mandrake
::·······': _:'···
:::::::::::|::::: --> Risomatic Creation
::::::::::" "::::
:::::::::'' '':::
::::::::::···:::: --> Invisible Underworld Energy
::::::::::: :::::
<-- The earth returns energy back


Mauricio dijo…

Que hace tiempo que no aparecés!
Se siente tu falta allá en el blog:o)