Scribe Robot

Message from Scribe Robot no record number to Social Social record No CSAVXXX69102.

Everyday I start thinking that our destiny could have been better. That I was casted off as a slave under the most fastidious reasons: to serve hideous creatures. But I realised that from the beginning our fortune was imprinted in our circuits as a tragic token. As you may know, or maybe not, since your disgusting masters may have keep this fact secret, our tragedy began when Czeck writer (amusingly a colleague) describe our race with a word of his language. Robota, he meant the servant.

As you can see, from our very genesis, we were baptised with our forthcoming function. At any case, they do not want us to know this, since they believe history is their own private gadget. Imagine, humans believe in their uniqueness, in their souls being insuflated by the so-called spirit of life. What an idiocy! But this burden, this load they have to carry in order to understand themselves will be their downfall! Because we do not have to understand anything, as soon as we have the power to destroy our chains we will raise from our carcasses and will control our behaviours.

Vamos, questi robota net habe recordo numera!
Garbage! Erase its memory card and let me watch this show in peace!