Strength to oppose the machine

When I was a child, there was a dictatorship in my country.
In Chilean coats of arms the following motto could be read:
Por la razón o la fuerza (By right or might)
The strength of terror of those in power
ruled under the second part of this motto.
But many stood and strongly opposed
the crimes with the "might of Reason."
To them, I dedicate this drawing.


megan dijo…
Your linework is fabulous. Thank you for sharing some of the background for your take on this subject.
panoptican dijo…
Wow, I love this one. I think we all need to oppose this philosophy.
Anonymous dijo…
Your line work IS fabulous! It's important to do work like a diary - helps re-write history and improve the future :)
el mismo dijo…
As you have said, my friend, we nevermore shall allow this. And as you have suggested, in behalf of those who died defending the people's dignity, the new national motto should be:

"Por la fuerza de la razón"