The unimportant adventures of Etienne: Feet

Every day woke us with the chances of infinite joy
But we were stuck in multiple irreal duties
In an attempt to battle fate with words
we were defeated by reciprocal paradoxes

For this reason I rather engage in relaxing activities
such as beholding the round shape of my feet
and creating monsters out of my day dream

nothing to say today
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estimado Etianne


Pati @-;-- dijo…
I like this illo's strange mood. Very surrealistic ;)
strange and soothing, does it get any better.
georg dijo…
I like that little strange guy - and thanks for the poem too. Great!
The Unknown dijo…
Cool stuff.
Lori Witzel dijo…
Dream Fish, a Papier-Mache Kind of Person, and a Wonderful Sketch within the Sketch.

I love your creative energy and surreal vision.

And I like the Fish.