Idiograms for Tokipona

Toki Pona is a constructed language, which is based on simplicity and minimalism. In fact, it is formed of around 120 words, which can be combined, as in any language, to make sentences.
This repertoire of a 120 words can be suited to construct an ideographic system. There are some ideographic systems for Toki Pona, such as . In this case, this system is based on previous ideographic systems, abugidas or alphabets, such as Chinese or Maya script.

Build an ideographic system based on Toki Pona vocabulary using a simple matrix of 256 symbols and natural and artificial ideographic alphabets.
Matrix of 256 symbols, based on four basic strokes.
The matrix is based on an structure formed by one horizontal stroke and four vertical strokes. There are 16 possible combinations, which are duplicates to form the glyph.

A binary matrix will be used to develop the symbols, under some rules:
1. The symbols will have to resemble symbols used for other ideographic alphabets.
2. If a direct resemblance cannot be found, a part of the symbol can be used to construct the resemblance.

The resemblance is arbitrary, because of the constraints posited by the available glyphs. These are examples of logos and their resemblance with the original glyphs or ideograms in the source ideographic systems.
The source scripts are Egyptian hieroglyphs, Mayan script, Chinese ideograms, Blissimbolics, Anatolian hieroglyphs, Soyombo script, etc.

As it is a graphic or visual language, some elements common in Toki Pona to construct its syntax, can be represented with position in this proposal.

For example,
Combination of two elements to form a sentence.
In the first combination, we have [suno-suli], Sun-Big, which is two noun phrases together.
The second combination, in which one logo is stacked over the other becomes a sentence, which is written in Toki Pona as [Suno li Suli], the Sun is Big.
The third combination is an visually abbreviated way to represent the same sentence. Probably this new glyph could be combined with more logos to make a new sentence.
Another example. The lizard is big.
Current state of this project
There are only selected 33 glyphs.